Ukraine was delighted with the decision of the IOC to suspend Russia from the Olympics

Some of the inhabitants of Ukraine decided to make fun of the suspension of the Russian team from the Olympics. The messages are of a negative character they wrote in social networks.


Having studied the content of such comments may be noted that the cynical users on the Network celebrate its happiness from the rejection of the Russian national team for the Games in South Korea. For many individuals this “holiday”. Not forgotten the inhabitants of the country, which is very popular surrogate alcoholic drink vodka, and cases of mass poisoning in Russia hawthorn. According to one of the users of the Russian Federation – a country where athletes allegedly inflated Meldonium, and their fans – hawthorn.

Not far behind ordinary persons and policy. So, the head of the Ministry of sports of the country Igor Zhdanov was delighted with the IOC verdict. In his opinion, sports functionaries of Russia and its athletes have no place at the Olympics.