Ukraine will spend 17 billion on equipment and weapons in 2018

Ukrainian leader Petro Poroshenko on Twitter released a message that one-fifth of the state budget of Ukraine, calculated for the following year will be spent on acquisition of various weapons and military equipment.


Petro Poroshenko, posting to his account on micro-blogging network Twitter have noticed that, in 2018, more than three billion dollars will be allocated for needs of army. The leader of the Ukrainian state said that, in comparison with this year, next year the cost of maintenance and improvement of the Armed forces of the Ukrainian state will be increased by more than a quarter and will amount to 86 billion hryvnia. Poroshenko noted that these funds will be used to purchase military equipment and various weapons that will be used for improvement of the APU.

It will be recalled that earlier the President of Ukraine said that the APU fighters not only protect the Ukrainian side of the Russian military forces, but also Eastern Europe from the intervention of the Russian army.