Ukraine’s only ice carousel showed with a bird’s eye

Единственную в Украине ледяную карусель показали с высоты птичьего полета

Only in Ukraine the ice carousel was shown from bird’s eye view
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The circle moves with oars – just start from the “shores” of the carousel. Photo: Vasbala Karida

An unusual attraction in the middle of the Dnieper in Kiev was removed from quadrocopter.

In Kiev opened the first in Ukraine ice carousel. This is the original winter art object – ride – sawed in the ice circle, standing on which you can ride on the carousel. To illustrate the work of icy wonders, the project organizers made a video which shows the working principle of the art object. To promote the circle, you have to push the paddle from the ice bricks, installed on its “shores”.

The organizers are not worried for the safety of his creation and offer everyone a ride on the unusual carousel.

– Ice thickness is of the order of 20-25 cm, he is strong, can withstand even a car, – says the organizer of works the sculptor Alexander Shkalikov. – And the cuts are very thin, so falling into water is impossible physically.

Video: Pole Shu


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