x28930.jpg.pagespeed.ic.2K57-xW_kI8Exh1jMFEPIn the area of ​​anti-terrorist operation in the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts of the Armed Forces of Ukraine provide comprehensive support and assistance to civilians.

The details of such assistance December 10 according to the website Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

“The officers of civil-military cooperation and military journalists providaly ill children who are treated at City Children’s Hospital in Slavic. During the visit, the officers gave medical institution medicines to treat young patients for a total of ten thousand dollar” – noted in the Defense Ministry .

As the head of the coordination of civil-military cooperation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Colonel Alexander Zhytnik, during a routine organizational work, we have found that quality treatment for children in the hospital there is a need certain types of medicines.

He said the military unit had coordinated the work of philanthropists, voluntary organizations and concerned citizens to resolve the issues.

“People responded. Within two days of philanthropists from Kyiv received targeted financial assistance for the purchase of drugs for young hospital patients. In the presence of the media, along with the employee of a medical facility, one of the pharmacies we bought the necessary medicines and gave them the hospital … We want to try and do everything that depends on us that all children have a happy childhood Donbass were healthy and had never seen the horror of war “- said the officer.

The head doctor of Children’s Hospital Slavic Valery Svitlychny thanked the military for their help and care of the young residents of Donetsk.

“Special thanks to our war for humanity and goodness of heart, – he said. – For our part we are also ready to provide any assistance to the army. I was overwhelmed with positive emotions. Today it is known that needs intensive care and intensive care hospitals, military civil -viyskovoho cooperation organized delivery of goods from an electric generator. I sincerely thank you! ”

Recall terrorists systematically violate the cease- fire and firing positions in the Donbas Ukrainian military.

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