Ukrainian police claim about the constant cyber attacks from Russia

В украинской киберполиции заявляют о постоянных кибератаках со стороны России

Ukrainian police claim about the constant cyber attacks from the territory of the Russian Federation. This was announced by the head of the Department of police of National police of Ukraine Sergey Demediuk, reports “Radio Freedom”.

“We will fix together with the security service, the State special communication, other subjects of cyber security in Ukraine constant, regular cyber incidents perpetrated from the territory of the Russian Federation. They are as conventional in nature and active nature of cyber incidents on receipt of information. We find it and analyze. We are able to establish in advance, to reflect, to localize these cyber incidents”, – he said.

According to Delduca to reveal a cyber attack in Ukraine help the international partners – the UK, Germany, Poland and Australia. However, he emphasized that any cooperation with Russia is not yet available.

“Our problem is is our the aggressor – the Russian Federation, with which we fully cooperate. To some extent, this Asian countries, which are still limited to provide such cooperation. With all other countries is European, American countries, Australia, Japan – we work in real time, even, I say, real. So actually we receive information at any time of the day,” he added.

Head of the Department of police said that the main aim of cyber attacks is a violation of strategically important infrastructure, destabilization of the situation in Ukraine.

Recall that last month the Russian intelligence services attempted cyber attacks on the network equipment company “Aul chloroperlidae station” in the Dnipropetrovsk region. The purpose of such attacks was blocking the functioning that is the overflow station, which provides liquid chlorine to purify water water and Sewerage companies on the territory of Ukraine.

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