Ukrainian tried to smuggle over the border an 11 year old boy with fake permission of his father

Украинка пыталась вывезти за границу 11-летнего мальчика по поддельному разрешению отца

A citizen of Ukraine tried to take out abroad 11-year-old boy with fake documents. This reports the press center of the State border service.

Woman of 35 years went through the checkpoint “Tisa” on the Ukrainian-Hungarian border. She had provided staff with gpsu permission of the father’s removal of the child abroad issued by the Consulate General of Ukraine in Barcelona. It appears, however, that at the time of delivery, the baby’s father was on the territory of Ukraine and never beyond it went.

The guards told the police about the signs of a criminal offence under article 358 of the criminal code of Ukraine “Forgery, seals, stamps and forms, their sale, use of forged documents.”

The woman with the child passed through the state border, they were forced to stay on the territory of Ukraine.

In the state border service reminded that in case of departure of the child abroad without at least one of the parents, you need to have notarized permission of the parents (or one of them who is not accompanying the child). For registration of such document should be addressed to the notary in Ukraine, or if the parents are abroad, in the consular institutions of Ukraine.

Recall recently in Kiev, the Director of the travel Agency and official of the migration service for the money, produced fake documents to travel abroad.

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