Ukrainian troops began the liberation of Russian soldiers are 5 towns

Ukrainian military
Ukrainian military

Ukrainian military and defend Novosvitlivku Hryaschuvate started and cleaned from terrorists Illyria, Malonikolayivku, Stanichno Luhansk, Yasynivku and dugouts. In addition, the strength of the antiterrorist operation destroyed several pieces of equipment militants and captured two armored troops, the press center of ATO.
“Force ATO continues to actively advance. Enemy carries considerable losses. Specifically, according to the fire and air strikes destroyed three tanks and two armored troops terrorists. Besides two tanks and two armored troops seized as a result of successful operations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine” – said in a statement.
“Also, during the attack, destroyed two settings BM 21” Grad “, of which the Russian mercenaries were firing position forces as ATO, so peaceful residential buildings Ukrainian,” – said the press center of TU.
“Overall, our troops inflicted on the enemy positions many artillery strikes”, – informed the security forces.
This forces units engaged in defense ATO settlements Novosvitlivka and Hryaschuvate.
“Started sweep settlements Illyria, Malonikolayivka, Stanichno-Lugansk, Yasynivka, dugouts” – the press-center of a TU.
Meanwhile, “continued firing positions and checkpoints forces ATO nearby settlement Mirror”.
“On the part of the Russian Federation, our positions were fired 9 times,” – said the press center of TU.
“However, our soldiers have learned to organize an effective system of artillery intelligence, which allows kontrbatareynu struggle. Making it possible to avoid casualties among troops and military equipment”, – stressed there.
Earlier it was reported that some European countries refused to Ukraine in military aid to counter Russian aggression. It was also reported that the wounded commander “Donbass” is rushing into battle and confident of victory.

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