Ukrainian TV presenter showed her new image

Украинская телеведущая показала свой новый имидж

Lesya Nikityuk loves to surprise fans.

Ukrainian TV presenter Les nikitiuk decided to change its image. The star published the corresponding photos on the page in Instagram.

Lesya Nikityuk loves to surprise fans with new shots from everyday life. The presenter then poses at the Cannes film festival in gorgeous gowns, is sent to stay with my mom in Sunny Italy, shares a funny experience of his travels. But that’s not all Les nikitiuk affects subscribers. Star masterfully transforms, choosing bright and sometimes provocative images.

Recently the TV presenter has decided to change its image. Lesya Nikityuk has revealed a new haircut on the social network. The artist took the picture in a luxurious blouse revealing her shoulders. Jeans and accessories made a stylish “look” to the presenter, which can be seen in the new season of the “Who’s on top”.