Ukrainians often are injured or become victims of violence during the work abroad.

Ukrainians often are injured or become victims of violence during the work abroad. About it reports “observer”.

As journalists found out, employers are extremely reluctant to help the Ukrainians who were in trouble. Many of them worked in a foreign country illegally, so the owners are afraid of fines and penalties.

Often, the Ukrainians in Poland are exposed and attacked. So, in may, the village Gloskow in Poland was beaten by the Ukrainian. He and his friends were returning from a store when he was attacked by a pole. With a head injury he was in a hospital in Warsaw, the newspaper writes.

In Poznan, Poland on the bench found Ukrainian woman Oksana who had a stroke. As it turned out, she was working illegally, even though her employer promised to employ her officially. The woman had a stroke, and the chief just brought her car in Park and left on the bench. However, I called the police and reported that there is a drunk woman. After that, many poles raised money for treatment of Ukrainian women.

In Italy for the last time, killed two Ukrainian women. In January in Naples on the railroad tracks found the body of 30-year-old Oksana Yatskiv. In this country, and Oksana came to work with his mother from the region. Mom week searched for Oksana, until I found her in the morgue. Girlfriend sure – Oksana was killed. At home, she left behind two small children.

A few years ago in Spain at a construction site died from Lviv Vladimir. According to different versions – whether he fell from the scaffolding of an electric shock, whether he became ill. However, the wife of Vladimir, Irina, I’m sure that her living husband in Spain took the bodies. It is many months sought the truth, but it did not move from the dead point, the media writes.

As previously reported, according to the website every 30 seconds in search of work abroad left the country one Ukrainian.

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