Ukrainka already a month and a half hiding in the Embassy of Ukraine in Tehran from beating her husband, the Iranian

Украинка уже полтора месяца прячется в посольстве Украины в Тегеране от избивавшего её мужа-иранца

The Ukrainian Embassy in Iran a month and a half hiding from my husband-Iranian 32-the summer citizen of Ukraine. She stated that she fled from her husband because of the violence, reports the “BBC Ukraine”.

As stated by the Consul of Ukraine in Iran Suren Balanc, to return to Ukraine not a woman of Iranian laws.

“According to the law of Iran, the woman who marry with Iranian, automatically acquires the citizenship of Iran. From the country she can leave or notarized permission of the husband or after divorce, which is not in this case”, – he explained.

The problem lies in the fact that the same Iranian laws enacted after the Islamic revolution of 1976 came to power by religious leaders, the right to divorce at will is only for men. The woman to obtain a divorce, you need to prove in court the facts of cruel or degrading treatment, drug addiction, alcoholism or other dangerous behavior of her husband.

Ukrainian woman after marriage was in a family where he endured bullying. In the end my husband had cut her hand with glass, and she ran to the Embassy, where she received the necessary assistance. But her passport remained with her husband.

“During this time we are trying to get the corresponding conclusion it is judicial-medical examination. While it is not, the husband may demand the return of the women home forcibly. The children they have and the woman is ready to give up all claims to her husband only to return soon to Ukraine,” – said Balanc, noting that the consuls are working on preparing a package of documents for divorce. Also helped her to communicate with her mother in the Ukraine, and she has the money to provide for their needs. For state financial assistance it is not addressed.

At the same time, said the Consul, Ukrainian women husband all the time comes to building and wants her back. In addition, specialists said, he attacked the Embassy and the Ambassador car.

“The video confirms that he had obstructed the movement of the car of the Ambassador. We regard this as an attack. He also tried to illegally and by force to enter the Embassy building, damaged doors,” said Balanc.

The Iranian side completely ignores the situation, he said – diplomatic Iranian police tried to prevent the attacks, and the attempts of the Iranians to enter the territory of the Embassy was stopped by the staff of the SBS.

“About these events, there are only excuses. We do not understand why this man is still at large. This is indicative of the situation – if there is a more serious event, the Iranian diplomatic police can react in a similar way,” said the Consul.

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