UN: More than 260 thousand Ukrainians have left their homes due to the events in the Donbass

migrants from Donbass
migrants from Donbass

The conflict in eastern Ukraine over a quarter of a million people were forced to become refugees and immigrants.
As said on Tuesday the UN High Commissioner for Refugees for the last three weeks the number of refugees has nearly tripled and now stands at about 260 thousand people.
Recall that in early August, the number of refugees and migrants from Donbass was 117 thousand people.
“Given the ongoing fighting in the Donetsk, Luhansk and Donetsk region in the south, we fear that the number of refugees will increase,” – said the head of the European office management Koshtel Vincent.
The UN believes that the true number of refugees may be much higher because many people do not register at the new place of residence.

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