UN projections: by 2050, Ukraine will be 36 million people

Прогноз ООН: к 2050 году в Украине останется 36 миллионов человек

UN projections: by 2050, Ukraine will be 36 million people
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The country will be only three megacities.

The United Nations has made population projections on the situation in Ukraine. According to the UN, by 2050 the population will shrink to 36 million people. The population in the cities will increase and will account for 78 per cent of the total. This is stated in the report of the organization published on the official website.

By 2050, Ukraine will be only three megacities. If this forecast comes true, then by 2050 the population of Ukraine will become the most scarce since 1950.

The greatest number of residents of Ukraine was registered in 1990. Then it amounted to 51,5 million.

For comparison, in 2015, our population was 44.6 million. These figures also leads the United Nations.


“Born 56 thousand, of 100.1 thousand died”

According to the state statistics service in January-March 2018 the population of Ukraine decreased by 40.1 thousand. According to statistics, on March 1 this year, the number of the cash population of our country was 42 340 000 people. The number of unemployed in Ukraine at the end of March amounted to 367 thousand people, of which assistance from the state get of 81.8%. Unemployment, according to official data, amounted to 1.4% of the population of working age.