UN urged to refer the case on the genocide of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar to the international criminal court

ООН призывает передать дело о геноциде мусульман рохинджа в Мьянме в Международный уголовный суд

UN demands to transfer to the criminal court case about the actions of the Myanmar military against the Muslim Rohingya. This is stated in the report of the United Nations.

Myanmar army accused of genocide and other crimes against humanity.

“The tactics of the army in Myanmar is a constant and disproportionate to the real security threats. The government has consistently stated that its operations are directed against threats by militants or insurgents,” reads the report, which is based on hundreds of collected interviews.

UN officials call to transfer the case on the genocide of Rohingya to the international criminal court, noting that the facts that were discovered during the preparation of the report “shocking level of “normality” and impunity”.

“Military necessity never justifies murder indiscriminately, rape women, attack children and the burning of entire villages,” the authors report.

We will remind, seven soldiers from Myanmar were sentenced to 10 years in prison with hard community work in the remote region for the brutal murder of 10 men of Muslim Rohingya in a village in North-Western Rakhine state in September last year.

Also, the Myanmar authorities announced the killing of 400 Rohingya Muslims during the military offensive launched August 25, 2017, after an attack by rebels from the ethnic Rohingya police checkpoints in the North of Rakhine state. In turn, the Rohingya people themselves claim that the number of dead in the thousands. At the UN, commenting on events in Myanmar, noted that about 200 Rohingya villages were burned.

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