Under the office of Medvedchuk held a protest

Under the office of the leader of the NGO “Ukrainian choice – the right of the people” Victor Medvedchuk held a protest, during which he painted the sidewalk around the building and burned the ball of wool to the accompaniment of swearing.

The protesters demanded the release of political prisoners: “I think any participant of this promotion don’t care if some violation or not. We want to note that the godfather of the Russian President, who actually keeps these political prisoners, is in Ukraine, he is not in jail. And he does nothing,” explained one of the protesters.

We will note, on account of Viktor Medvedchuk, who is the representative of Ukraine in the Tripartite contact group, 481 a released prisoner. As the press service of “Ukrainian choice”, the only objective of these actions is the personal PR of the organizers. And this is another attempt of pressure on Viktor Medvedchuk, who is a consistent supporter of peace in Ukraine.

Residents of the house where the office is located Medvedchuk, also do not share the zeal of the protesters, noting that to achieve your goals, it in other ways.

So, the activists demanded to be active in the process of release of political prisoners. However, the real result has been a pile of garbage, swearing on the pavement, vandalism and arson, but no report on the violation of law by the police has not been compiled, the press service of “Ukrainian choice”.

Под офисом Медведчука провели акцию протеста


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