Under the “Tavrida” has unearthed the burial club of the Golden Horde

Near a newly built highway “Tavrida” archaeologists have unearthed the burial, where they found the skeletons, jewelry, and Mace of the Golden Horde. On a rare find said Daria Bogachuk, the head of the Crimean expedition of archaeologists ran in Bakhchisarai.


Archaeologists uncovered the burial place resembled a catacomb. The entrance to the burial chamber was closed by a heavy flat stones, and inside it is found, presumably the male remains. On the right wrist of the skeleton had a bronze bracelet. Mace in the early bronze age in the 3rd Millennium BC represents the attribute of a warrior and was considered a symbol of power. Probably the tomb belonged to a tribal leader or leader of troops.

Archaeologist Sergei Vnukov, the head of the Crimean expedition, said that the Academy of Sciences explores the entire territory of the future “Tauris”. From January 2017 excavated 50 acres, on which are found the mounds and the buildings of stone and bronze age, antiquity and the middle ages.