Under the walls of the national Bank of Ukraine held a rally against raising of gas prices at the request of the IMF

The mission of the International monetary Fund arrived in Kiev and planning to be here almost two weeks, discussing the latest economic developments and further financial assistance to Ukraine. However, conditions gathered under the walls of the national Bank of disgruntled activists, according to “112 Ukraine”.

“They have a wonderful theme for the talks to raise rates for people 60%, force to cut down the forest to the end. They have a “wonderful” requirements in these international monetary flibusterov. But someone needs to say that we will not allow it, someone needs to tell them about the true attitude of citizens of Ukraine”, – said the leader of the party “For life” Vadim Rabinovich.

The protesters expressed that with the current level of economic security of the citizens in particular the increase in gas prices is not out of the question.

Party members “For life” stress: the public debt should be the responsibility of the authorities.

“We will conduct a tough but honest dialogue with all of our creditors, aparados with the IMF, and I hope that they can precontinuity long-term installments to repay debt. We are not afraid of develto. But to pay for the expense of the people these debts, we will not allow” – has promised the member of the party “For life” Nestor Shufrych.

In the party are sure to demand the restructuring of the payments of foreign debts. The solution of this particular question is embedded in their party election program.

Под стенами Нацбанка в Украине провели митинг против поднятия цен на газ по требованию МВФ


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