United states: a life sentence for a white supremacist who had killed a Black

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An ex-military and white supremacist who was stabbed to death a sexagenarian black in New York in 2017 was sentenced Wednesday to a term of life imprisonment without parole, the maximum sentence possible in the State of New York, said the prosecutor of Manhattan.

James Jackson, 30, had pleaded guilty in January to all charges against him, including”homicide with the intent to commit a terrorist act”, a sentence without precedent for a white supremacist, according to the attorney, Cyrus Vance, quoted in a press release.

Former Afghanistan, James Jackson was himself at the police station after his gesture, the march 20, 2017: he was stabbed in the back, with a sword 55 cm, Timothy Caughman, a 66-year old man who lived in a shelter for the homeless, so that he was looking for cans and empty bottles in the street.

James Jackson was recognized to have come specifically because of Baltimore to New York city to kill Black people, the prosecutor stressed, citing a “manifesto” written before the murder by the accused.

In this text, marked with a swastika, James Jackson said he wanted to launch “a total war against the races” black, calling to “exterminate them as quickly as possible,” said on Wednesday Mr. Vance, in a rare appearance at sentencing.

The former military has expressed, for the first time Wednesday, some regret in front of the judge.

“If I could redo the story, it never would have happened,” he said, quoted by the New York Post.

“The security forces have been slow to recognize the rise and spread of white nationalism in our country, and this has encouraged some,” said Mr. Vance in arguing for the maximum sentence.

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“We have too often treated these crimes with less seriousness than other forms of terrorism,” he added, while New York – and the United States in general – has seen the offences of racist and anti-semitic rise sharply from 2016.