Urgant reincarnated as a Princess and sang about the doping scandal

Ivan Urgant, dressed as a Princess, decided to make fun of the scandal with doping and “pyrotechnics” of North Korea. To give piquancy to the joke, he appeared before the audience in the way the main character of the cartoon “Cold heart” and performed his version of “Winter song”.


Urgant sat down at the piano and played the song, which is not indifferent even the most serious of his fans. In this form, the showman informed the users about the price increase for cash, the doping scandal and missiles, Kim Jong-UN, who called “pyrotechnics”.

Subscribers TV presenter praised the video positive reviews. The artist called this parody “Christmas hymn.” Not spared Urgant focused on the upcoming presidential elections. He noted that at this stage to predict who will be “in charge” is almost impossible.