US border guards shot at the Canadian Bridge

bridgeUS border guards used their weapons against the Canadians, who, according to them, threatened them with guns. It is reported by CBC News.

The incident occurred on the bridge Ambassador separating American and Canadian Detroit Windsor, about 3:00 on the night of Sunday, December 21. As reported by the Customs and Border Protection of the United States, a man stopped his car in front of inspection post and headed toward the officers, brandishing weapons.

Canadian officers ordered to drop his weapon, but the man pointed it in the direction of the border guards, forcing them to open fire. The Canadian was injured and taken to hospital. After medical assistance he was remanded in custody. His name has not been reported.

They also found that twenty minutes before the incident on the bridge patrol police arrived Canadian city on a call parked in front of the restaurant “McDonald’s”, where there was a man with a gun in his hand. A police officer ordered him to drop his weapon, the man sent him back toward the patrol and asked, “Why are you I have not shot?” The police tried to calm him down, and then the man got into the car and went to one of the intercity highways leading to the bridge.

Incident investigation leads Border Service and Department of Homeland Security with the participation of the Detroit police.

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