US deported to Germany and former warden of the concentration camp Trawniki

США депортировали в Германию экс-надзирателя концлагеря Травники

The U.S. Department of justice announced the deportation of a native of Ukraine, former warden of a Nazi concentration camp Jacob paly. This is stated in the statement released by the press service of the Ministry.

“Jacob paly, a former overseer of labor camps in German-occupied Poland, and after the war – a resident of Queens, new York, was transferred to Immigration and customs enforcement in Germany. Immigration and customs enforcement sent the pallium in accordance with the relevant order of the Ministry of justice of 2004”, – stated in the message.

As noted by attorney General Jeff sessions, paly hid his involvement in the crimes of the Nazis to enter the United States and obtain citizenship.

The deportation also said the press service of the White house. The statement indicates that the question of the deportation of the pallium was a priority for the administration of the President of the United States Donald trump.

“Despite the court’s decision about the deportation in 2004, the previous administration did not succeed in driving char… President trump made the issue of expulsion Palia priority. In the course of intense negotiations, President trump and his team ensured the deportation of the pallium in Germany and thus strengthened the cooperation with key European allies,” say the representatives of the administration trump.

Jacob piles was born in Poland, now part of the Ukraine. In the US, he immigrated in 1949. In 1957 he was naturalized and became an American citizen.

The Nazi past of the pallium became known in 2003. It was established that during the war years, paly has served as a warden in a concentration camp Trawniki in Poland. In the same year, the court revoked his citizenship, and a year later was issued a deportation order. Paly appealed, but in 2005 the court rejected it.

Clarifies that 95-year-old paly was taken from his home by Immigration and customs enforcement, United States on Monday morning, August 20. At the moment it is not known whether he will be prosecuted after arriving in Germany.

We will note, before Germany refused to accept the pallium, because it is not a German citizen. Send it to let the changes made by the new government in paragraph 22 of the “Law on residence” of Germany. Under the new rules, the basis for the stay in special situations may be an indication of the Ministry and compliance of such actions with the interests of the country.

Paly was 67 ex-Nazi who was deported from the United States.

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