US secret service denied information about the Russian spy at the Embassy in Moscow

Секретная служба США опровергла информацию о российской шпионке в посольстве в Москве

US secret service denied to the Guardian that the U.S. Embassy worked as an employee of Russian intelligence. This is stated in the official statement released by the press service of the Ministry.

“The article is irresponsible and inaccurate report, based on statements of anonymous sources, “according to the statement.

Also representatives of the Secret service claim that The Guardian has provided a rebuttal before the article was published.

Separately specified, that the Russian employed at the US Embassy in Russia could not have access to any classified information – these employees are hired to perform the translation, cultural aspects, contacts, and to provide administrative support. In addition, such employees participate in working cooperation with the FSB, MVD, FSO, and other government agencies. The article also States that she had access to the internal network of the Embassy, email and databases, including the working schedules of the presidents, Vice-presidents of the USA and their wives.

Secret service denies the allegation that it ignored reports of suspicious activity of an employee.

As a reminder, the wound the Guardian published an article alleging that the U.S. Embassy in Russia for over 10 years worked an employee regularly unauthorized contact with Russian intelligence services.

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