USBC proposes to introduce sanctions against the Russian publishers for the release of anti-Ukrainian literature

Госкомтелерадио предлагает ввести санкции против российских издателей за выпуск антиукраинской литературы

State Committee for television and radio broadcasting of Ukraine submitted to the government for consideration the draft decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine offers to impose sanctions against Russian publishing houses that produce and disseminate anti-Ukrainian products. This is the website of the state Committee.

“The state Committee has made to the government for consideration the draft decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine regarding the use of personal special economic and other restrictive measures (sanctions) against the Russian publishing houses that produce and distribute the products of anti-Ukrainian content,” the statement reads.

According to first Deputy head of the state Committee of Bohdan Chervak, if the project is accepted, the expected reduction of import of printing products from the Russian Federation.

“Sanctions will concern Russian publishers, in which the production of books anti-Ukrainian content is a great place and in a systematic manner. These publishers deliberately enter into contracts with the “creators” of the texts aimed at inciting interethnic and religious hatred, advocating violence and committing terrorist acts against Ukraine. Such “literature” is part of the hybrid war waged against Ukraine by Russia. And she needs to rebuff”, – he added.

It is noted that the last three years, the Committee carried out continual monitoring of the scope of book distribution. The purpose of monitoring is to identify printed materials, the content of which contradicts the Ukrainian legislation. The Committee compiled a list of book titles whose content is aimed at the elimination of independence of Ukraine, propaganda of violence, incitement of interethnic, racial, religious hostility, committing terrorist attacks, encroachment upon rights and freedoms of the individual.

As of August 15, in the list of added 192 of the magazine, which has released 35 Russian publishers.

In may, the state Committee has already initiated sanctions against anti-Ukrainian publishers from Russia, then the list was 172 edition.

News on topic: state Committee banned the importation of the English textbook, in which it was claimed that Kiev was the capital of Russia.

Recall that on 1 January 2017, in Ukraine came into force the law “On amendments to some laws of Ukraine regarding the limitation of access to the Ukrainian market of foreign printed materials of anti-Ukrainian content.” According to him, Ukraine cannot be imported and transferred to the sale of publishing products that contain calls for liquidation of Ukraine’s independence, forced change of the constitutional system, violation of sovereignty and territorial integrity, promoting war, terrorism, Communist and national socialist regimes and their symbols, inciting ethnic, racial or religious hatred, advocating Russia and those of its representatives who support the occupation of Ukrainian territory, as well as containing caricaturing the state symbols of Ukraine in any form.

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