Users found the drawback of the new iOS

Пользователи обнаружили существенный недостаток нового iOS

Phones have become discharged much faster.

The dissatisfaction of iPhone users was due to the may update of iOS to version 11.4

Along with new features the update brought with it a bug, limit the functionality of the gadget.

IPhone users noticed a rapid loss of the battery of its charge, which arose, according to them, after you install iOS 11.4. This problem appears randomly and haphazardly on different models of iPhone. Only on the official forum without regard to third-party resources, there are over 1000 records from users around the world, marking the spontaneous battery drain after upgrading to iOS 11.4.

One of the users of iPhone 6S+ noticed his gadget in just a few minutes lost about 30 % charge. However, no changes in system settings or run demanding applications that could run in the background, it was not made.