Vadim Kazachenko expels the street wife with a baby

Vadim Kazachenko is going to sue the house of his ex-wife. About it she told Olga Martynova.


Vadim Kazachenko and his ex-wife Olga was once again at the center of the scandal. Martynov said that at this time the ex-spouse is going to sue her for half of it home. Olga says that they bought property with the money from the sale of his apartment, Kazachenko not have invested a penny. Now the ex-husband is going to take Martynova part of the house, if the DNA test confirms that the child, who in the spring gave birth to a woman from it. About it Olga said the judge, who called her on 10 October and informed about the new lawsuit. The agenda came at the old address on Leninsky Prospekt.

Earlier Vadim Kazachenko has sued ex-wife one million rubles. The singer accuses Martynov in handling.