Vadim Rabinovich withdrew from the project Candidate of the first party: In politics many people think that it is not lost

Вадим Рабинович вывел из проекта Кандидат первую участницу: В политике очень многие думают, что не проиграли

In the final of the second edition of the political reality show “the Candidate” of the competition was eliminated Olga Ivanova – team leader of “Power”. Leading the project, the leader of the party “For life”, kicked her out of the show after refusing to comply with the rules of the game.

The women’s team “Power” lost job “Gladiators”, and when the final Vadim Rabinovich asked the team leader to call the cause of the loss and the names of the two participants, the worst part manifested themselves during team work, he heard an unexpected answer.

“I think the team was strong and did everything to do the job,” – said Olga, without having called perks of the job. “Moreover, I believe that it is not lost,” added a participant.

“You know, in politics many people think that it is not lost,” – said Vadim Rabinovich and asked her to call two people who were the worst at this job.

Olga refused to name anyone in particular: “We divide all or a victory, or a defeat.”

After that Vadim Rabinovich said: “I believe that the leader has doomed you to failure” and said goodbye with a party.

Recall, the second issue of the political reality show “the Candidate” was released on the TV channel “112 Ukraine” 2 September. The winner of the new show will have the opportunity to study at Stanford, as well as through place in the list of the party “For life” in future elections to the Verkhovna Rada.

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