Van Gogh’s painting sold for 81,3 million dollars

Created by the famous Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh painting “the plow and the Plowman” has sold at auction for 81,3 million dollars. The event was held yesterday in new York.


Van Gogh painted in 1889. Before the start of trading, its price was $ 50 million. On the canvas shows the view from the French hospital where the author spent the last years of his own life.

Sold other paintings, for example, the auction can be seen “Improvisation with horses,” by Vasily Kandinsky. A client bought it for $ 12.7 million, and “Vase with flowers” by Marc Chagall managed to sell over 4.5 million dollars.

One of the most expensive lots was the work of Pablo Picasso “Woman squatting” with the value of 36.9 million dollars and “Morning on the Seine” by Claude Monet 23.4 million “green”.

In total, the auction, the organizers presented more than 60 paintings from private collections that were previously owned by American philanthropist Perry bass and his wife. The total size of the money raised from the sale of paintings, equal to $479 million.