Venezuela: Trump reaffirms that it is considering “all options”

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The american president Donald Trump reiterated on Wednesday that it was studying “all options” with regard to Venezuela, noting that president Nicolas Maduro made a “terrible mistake” by preventing international humanitarian aid from entering the country.

“There are different solutions, different options. We are studying all options, ” said Mr. Trump from the oval Office, receiving his colombian counterpart Ivan Duque.

The occupant of the White House-does he have a “plan B” if Nicolas Maduro decided to stay in power at any price? “I always have a plan B, and C, and D, and E, and F,” he answered, without further precision.

Calling it “very sad” the situation in the country, in the throes of a serious political crisis on the background of food shortages and health products, Mr. Trump has long praised the attitude of the opponent Juan Guaido, recognized as acting president by fifty countries including the United States.

“I have a lot of respect for the one who is, for many people, the real president of Venezuela. He is very courageous “, he pointed out.

Sitting at his side, Mr. Duque has insisted on the need to keep the pressure on the regime of Maduro.

“The president Guaido enjoys strong support and we must give him support even more marked (…) so that he can complete the transition in Venezuela,” he said.

President Nicolas Maduro, who denies any famine in his country, the judge that american aid (which he rejects) is only a “show policy” before a military intervention of Washington. Juan Guaido, on his side, taking a number of initiatives for it to be delivered.

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Seeking to break the unity of the army, the opponent has offered amnesty to military personnel who désavoueraient the head of State and warned that blocking aid would be a ” crime against humanity “.

The bridge Tienditas, which connects Colombia and Venezuela, is barred since last week by two containers and a storage tank arranged by the military in venezuelan society.