Victoria Park: a dishonor avenged with a knife

A rupture in love that was not accepted by the father of the fallen lover is at the root of a knife attack occurred in September 2016 at the Victoria Park in Sherbrooke.

Nasir Ahmad Qurbani was convicted of assault causing injury, assault and criminal harassment at the Sherbrooke Courthouse.

The victims in this case are the new spouse of the lover involved in spite of herself as well as the father of the young man, who was cut to the left hand by the stabbing inflicted by Qurbani.

“This case stems from a love story, a love triangle and a matter of honor,” summarizes Pierre Bachand of the Court of Québec in his decision to frame the factual plot of this September 20, 2016 at Victoria Park in Sherbrooke.

The crime committed by Qurbani follows the rupture of his son with a young woman after two years of attendance.

The latter had fallen in love with his friend, who will become one of the victims in this case.

The knife attack at Victoria Park is the culmination of criminal harassment for which Nasir Ahmad Qurbani was convicted.

The latter had undertaken “to take charge of the love relations of his son” and to thwart the plans of the new couple.


Judge Bachand recalled that the fallen lover, the son of the accused, testified at the trial that in their culture “one can not admit, accept or allow a young man to court a girl previously frequented or promised to a friend “.

The accused asked the new spouse to stop attending the girl twice and even met the young woman’s mother in an attempt to “influence her about the breakup” and speaking very aggressively against the new spouse . As the new couple was absent at the meeting, the accused said he was disappointed because he wanted him to understand that “he had dishonored his family.”

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“Everything was said with hatred, a frightening hatred.”

According to the testimony of the young woman’s mother, the accused insisted on this dishonor of his family and said “that maybe it was like this in Canada, but that in his country it is not like that That we would do that. Everything was said with hatred, a frightening hatred, “Bachand said in his decision, citing parts of his testimony.

One week before the incident, Qurbani went to the young man to threaten him with death “in the veiled or indirect manner used in his culture and language,” said Bachand.

Regarding armed assault, Qurbani followed the victim on September 20 before inviting him to follow him with his father in a remote corner of the Victoria Park parking lot.

He took out a “very thin and very sharp” fishing knife before claiming, according to the testimony of one of the victims “You do not want to talk, so I will kill you”.

The accused tries to hit them in the stomach, but the father of the young man involved in this case puts his hands in front of him to protect himself and is cut off.

Qurbani then flees after the intervention of a witness independent of the scene.

The version of the accused in which he pleads self-defense was dismissed by Bachand JA.

“The accused succeeded, by his testimony, in completely discrediting himself. His credibility has been affected at almost all levels … Many of the significant passages in the accused’s testimony contain incongruities, illogicalities and improbabilities, if not irrational, “concludes Judge Bachand.

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The lawyers on file, Nathalie Robidoux of the Public Prosecution Service and defense counsel Caroline Saint-André of Legal Aid will present their arguments to the judge in the observations on the sentence on August 7 at the Palais de Justice. Justice of Sherbrooke.