[VIDEO] 24 000 quebec children in need by year: it concerns us all

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And if we could prevent the problems of tomorrow’s adults, today? This is what the rally was All for the little ones, wishes to make.

Before birth and during early childhood, the brain is in a period of intense growth. With over a million connections between neurons that are created every second, it is the most active period of human life.


An alarming statistic

Quebec has a total of 440 000 little ones aged 0 to 5 years.

Among these, one in four children will struggle to follow upon her arrival at the kindergarten.

A difficulty that he or she is at risk of hanging around all his life.

Several studies demonstrate that the level of development of a child in kindergarten may have an impact on his academic success and his ability to contribute fully to society.

Doing nothing is costly to the community

Fortunately, there are solutions.

Together, we can act to prevent these pitfalls in toddlers in order to give our future citizens the same opportunities to flourish.

To discuss concrete actions, we met with Sonia Daly, a phd student in community psychology and a counselor.


Investing in early childhood is investing in the future of society. Act now by sending a letter pre-written to your elected municipal or provincial. In just a few clicks, you can make a difference.

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