[VIDEO] A snow blower-controlled revolutionizes the winter!

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Forget the drones, this snowblower is fully remote controlled throne now at the top of the devices controlled the most revolutionary.

The machine allows its inventor, from the Gaspé Alain Guilbeault, to avoid nasty back pain, the primary reason behind the change.

The idea was born from a joke between friends that has done a “snow ball” to finally turn into a concrete project, explained the man Chandler interview at the Bag of chips. Processed in the traditional way, with a budget of about $ 2500, the snow blower uses, including engines of a wheelchair in order to move its wheels.

Self-taught, this operator of heavy machinery is not his first change of the genre and admits to having developed a real passion for the devices controlled.

In these time, weather disorders for Quebec, is a true visionary!

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