[VIDEO] It relaxes a rat in a Mcdonald’s and cause a general panic

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A man has dropped a big white rat in a Mcdonald’s restaurant in Newark, New Jersey, last week, causing a general panic within the establishment.

A video posted on Facebook on the 6th of February last, shows a young man, with a child, walk into a Mcdonald’s restaurant in the city centre of Newark. He carries with him a plastic container in which there is a white rat.

The man moves towards the center of the restaurant, where he opened the container and dropped the rodent to the ground before taking flight.

The customer, visibly panicked, scrambling towards the exit of the establishment.

According to the american channel CBS, Mcdonald’s is currently working with the police to identify the individual in question.

“The safety of our customers and the cleanliness of our restaurants are our priorities. Following the incident, the staff of our restaurant has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized the dining room and contacted the police. We are currently working with the police to identify the person responsible for this deliberate act,” said the owner of the branch in an official statement.

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