[VIDEO] Plane blown by a gust: a moment of panic at the landing

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The pilot of a British Airways plane had to perform an emergency manoeuvre in terminating his landing due to a strong gust of wind, which has destabilized large aircraft.

Videos shot inside of the device, but also from the outside, show at what point the plane was shaking, reported several british media.

The flight BA276 was coming back from Hyderabad, India, on 8 February last and was supposed to land in the early afternoon at Heathrow airport, the busiest in Britain.

In the video filmed by a passenger who filmed the landing of his plane, one can hear the cries of the occupants when the aircraft is blown by the gust of wind.

The strongest winds recorded totalled nearly 112 km/h that day.

The device was able to land some twenty minutes later without incident.

The passengers were warmly applauded the pilot, is considered a hero by many.

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