Vidrodjennia propose to start a new session of Parliament with a report of all government Ministers

The first week of the 9th session of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine should be devoted to the reports of all government Ministers.

This was during a speech at the meeting of the conciliatory Council of Deputy factions and groups, said the co-Chairman of the parliamentary group “Party “Vidrodzhennya” Viktor Bondar, the press service of the party.

According to the MP, in the beginning of the work of the Parliament need a few weeks to devote to the reports of each Minister of the profile.

“I propose to start a session of the Parliament in the last election year with an analysis of what happened in four years. Let’s call in the BP composition of the Cabinet and hear each Minister: what has he done in recent years, what distinguished his work that in the end we have in each area – transport, energy, Finance and so on. And for each Minister to let Parliament decide whether it will work on, or just need to retire and find a replacement,” – said Victor Bondar.

In his opinion, first of all need the report of the Minister of Finance on cooperation with the International monetary Fund and the implementation of the budget for this year.

“I want to hear the report of the government about the real situation in cooperation with the IMF. As we have a debt today? According to our data, it is almost 76 billion dollars. How do you plan to pay them? By what means? What are loans and which will be sent to those that are going to get? – asked the co-chair of the parliamentary group “Party “Vidrodzhennya”. – We also want to hear from the government how do you plan for next year to carry out pension policies, due to what are going to increase pensions? For now, pensioners have done extreme”.

Not less important the politician believes the government’s report on the formation of tariffs for the population. Do I need to raise them, if today the majority of Ukrainians without subsidies to pay for them not by force, stressed Viktor Bondar.

“Gas prices in recent years has already increased 9.5 times, of electricity – by 3.5 times, heating – 4 times. Meanwhile, our state enterprise “Naftogaz of Ukraine”, “Ukrgazvydobuvannia” – show a fabulous profit. On the subsidies for the population contain more than 70 billion UAH. What kind of tariff policy and why else would you raise prices? These are the questions that disturb the society”, – summed up Viktor Bondar.

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