Vincent Vallieres: the time for renewal

(Quebec) CRITICAL / An armful of new songs, new musicians and an energy that also seems renewed. Vincent Vallières seemed to be rejuvenating on the scene of Imperial on Friday, if he takes pleasure in referring to his age and his journey to another era.

At 38 years old and with nearly 20 years of career in the field, the Sherbrookois can certainly claim the title of (young) veteran of Quebec song. It assumes, enjoying the fact that his first album had been launched in CD format and cassette … Perhaps because it feels to approach the cap of the two decades of music, Vincent Vallières flies over his repertoire and brushes a kind With his new show. A smiling and festive report, we agree.

If he arrived in the capital with his arms loaded with fresh songs – his seventh album, The Time of the Living , is still hot – Vincent Vallières opened the hostilities by beautifully revisiting the play Manu , years. A more rounded and enhanced version of choruses that gave a taste of what he had done with his new band: besides the (long-time) accomplice Andre Papanicolaou, Vallières now counts on the services of the bassist ( And chorister, among other things) Amélie Mandeville and drummer Marc-André Larocque. What to give a new breath to known titles.

The quiet landmark has thus benefited from the vocal input of Mandeville, just as Love is not for the fearful , treated like a true duo. The Café Lizard was animated with a very uplifting way, with you was cheerfully overwhelmed (and was dubbed with a wink at Éric Lapointe) and Time went on exploding like a real little bomb.

Nostalgia and self-mockery

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At several moments, on Friday, Vincent Vallières’ show took on the appearance of a comic number. As in this segment filled with nostalgia and self-deprecation in which the musicians have confessed the song, which, when they were teenagers, made them wait for their stereo in order to record it on a tape when it Would be on the radio. Special mention to the guitarist Andre Papanicolaou, in a dangerous form, who embarked on an imitation of Axl Rose singing November Rain .

The introduction of the new song ” Dans danse comme des cons” – whose title was taken at the word by Vallières and his band – was also conducive to a funny parenthesis in which the group showed what wood it heats, First individually, then in an absurd synchro choreography.

In a more intimate register, Vallières responded to the invitation of Gilles Vigneault, to whom he attended a writing workshop earlier this year, and dared to divest his guitar for a few titles to only play the singers. And if he offered himself a solo recall, the time to serve Tom and the world turned strong , it was better to be joined by his musicians to reconnect with the hymn We will love again , With heart by the public at the end of these reunion where all had enough to take their foot. On stage as in the room.