Vitaliy Shapovalov died after surgery: the details of the life, the truth about the death of the actor

Colleagues revealed the details of death the people’s artist.


On 79-th year of life died people’s artist of theatre and cinema Vitaly Shapovalov. The actor was in the hospital and recently underwent surgery, after which was in a very serious condition. The theater on Taganka, where he worked Shapovalov, November 10, began collecting funds for the necessary medical intervention artist. It needed quite a big amount of money. While the nature of the disease of the artist is not mentioned.
Sad news appeared in the night of Wednesday, November 15. At the Taganka theater Vitaly Shapovalov served almost his entire creative life. Of course, for his colleagues and fans is an irreparable loss.


Vitaly Shapovalov was born on may 1, 1939 in the Ukraine in the Kiev region, in the small village of Yurkivka. From early childhood he showed an aptitude for music, he sang and played the guitar, he graduated from the musical College, class of pipe. And at first did not think about the theater, because he was more drawn to sports, and he seriously thought about becoming a football player. But the decisive role played case: Shapovalov successfully read “bike” in the presence of the actors of the Khabarovsk drama theatre, who encouraged him to think seriously about the acting profession. Therefore, after serving in the army, the future actor arrived in Moscow and entered the Shchukin school.
After graduating from high school in 1968, he was accepted into the troupe of the newly formed Yury Lyubimov at the Taganka Theater, where he served until the last days. He had the opportunity to play many roles in plays, which became a cult. Embodied images perfectly remembered by the audience. In 1969 he made his debut in the movie “the Way home”. Apart from a few dozen paintings, Vitaliy Shapovalov has appeared in several modern series, including both seasons of “Kamenskaya” and “the March Turkish”.


Star actor roles are: nostrils, Boris Godunov, Pontius Pilate. Don’t forget the audience and his Sergeant Vaskov in the play “the dawns here are quiet…” Valery Zolotukhin told about Shapovalov introduction in the play “Look!” by Mayakovsky, one of the rehearsal which was attended by Lilya Brik. Hearing the reading of the great poet performed by Shapovalov, she said that the closest to the original reading poetry “that big goof”. Such nicknames often used by Vitaly, but on tour in Japan, where he played Svidrigailov, was attended by the heir to the Russian throne Maria Vladimirovna Romanova, who after watching the play asked how the troupe came from this gentleman.
Glares of the Taganka theater Yuri Lyubimov recalls the musical abilities of the people’s artist with great respect: “the hearing described him as talented and worthy. Vitali played the trumpet, which for the artist is important. As an actor he was a very good and reliable.”


Despite an impressive track record in film, which included and his role in the following films: “Rooks”, “Dead souls”, “deja vu”, “Woman in white”, “Fearless chieftain,” the theatre for Shapovalov has always been a priority. He loved the special atmosphere of creativity and the eyes of the audience that the theatre can be seen immediately, to feel the reaction of the audience, in contrast to cinema where about what the audience will feel from viewing your role, we can only guess.
Alexander Trofimov, honored artist of Russia calls Shapovalova artist rare breed, standing in one row with Boris Andreev and Pavel Luspekaeva. The actor was not present for the management of the theatre – his ability to see and feel the world on their often led to, to put it mildly, turbulent situations. Shapovalov followed his own vision of the world and norms that were a priority for him, so he doesn’t always fit into the usual for most of the frame. Perhaps this imprint on the character of the actor and his peers imposed war during which their childhood. Children of that time had a keen sense of justice, is not lost in difficult situations and were able to defend their own position. In this case, the actor is more than soberly assess their abilities in any field and not allow myself to engage in such activities, which considered themselves insufficiently qualified.


It is noteworthy attitude Shapovalov activities of the actor – he did not attempt to build his career with his own hands, in contrast to many outstanding artists, he was so, how was his fate, and the case of the true artist – is to fulfill the requirements of the Director to whom the destiny in this case was. Besides, Vitali was quite hard on yourself – no matter how successfully it turned out he had the role of Sergeant Vaskov, which became one of his star roles, but he quietly refused it, despite the desire of the Director to continue to see in this role. And the reason was quite simple – the script Vaskovo 32 years old, and Shapovalov already turned 60. He found it annoying that the continuation of the work.
By the way, the passing of youth your role, the famous actor felt no jealousy, on the contrary, he proposed to try, to rehearse and show Lyubimov. His main teacher Shapovalov believed Chekhov emphasized the development of natural qualities aside, both negative and positive.