“Vkontakte” Launched a new version of Messenger 3.1

The developers of social network “Vkontakte” announced the launch of
the new version of Messenger 3.1 for operating systems Windows, macOS and Linux.


As it became known to journalists VladTime, it implements the choice
album images, you can attach videos, and documents, change
the order of attachments via drag and drop, there is support edited
messages and bug fixes along with improved stability. Also the Messenger app
3.1 access to the Mac App Store, and Microsoft Store.
The first users of the messenger noticed some
defects. So, it was found that on Windows 10 x64 1709 application is not
start. In addition, the pictures are saved without the extension and edit
messages still in the program is impossible, you can do it on the website,
then display and update in real time. Some
consumers asked would add in Messenger 3.1 application from the group
and also will there be support for the Android operating. Response from developers has not yet been received.