Vodafone Ukraine from August 1, will raise rates by 1.5-2 times

The mobile operator “Vodafone Ukraine” from August 1 to force the transfer of its corporate subscribers on the new tariff plans with higher cost in most of these tariffs 1.5-2 times. In this case the operator announced on its website.

The operator announced the closure of 18 of tariff plans for corporate subscribers. In particular, the operator closes the two series of rates: “the Office 30+/50+/90+/150+”, “Office 10/20/30/40/50/80/90”. For subscribers of the tariff, prices will rise more than 2 times. For example, subscribers with the tariff “the Office 30+” will have to pay 70 UAH, and to the subscribers of tariffs “Office 50” – 110 UAH.

Vodafone Украина с 1 августа повысит тарифы в 1,5-2 раза

Also the “Vodafone Ukraina” closed tariffs “Smart Office 20/40/60/100/160/220” and “Smart Office 3G”. Subscribers who have used cheap rates of the “Smart Office 20/40/60”, from August 1 will have to pay much more: UAH 40, UAH 70 and UAH 120 respectively. For subscribers with the tariff “Smart Office 100/160/220” prices will rise on average by 75%.

Vodafone Украина с 1 августа повысит тарифы в 1,5-2 раза

In all tariffs, on which the operator will force subscribers, the cost is much greater. Most of the cost of the subscription fee will increase for those subscribers who were using the most affordable rates.

We remind that earlier the operator has closed its most affordable rate RED XS and moved all the subscribers on the more expensive XS, RED+ or RED EXTRA.

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