Volkswagen is Recalling 700 thousand cars due to possible fire

Volkswagen отзывает 700 тыс. автомобилей из-за возможности возгорания

German automaker Volkswagen has announced a recall of almost 700 thousand cars. It is reported by Kfz-Betrieb.

We are talking about the Tiguan and Touran models with light bar on the roof is produced before July 5, 2018. The manufacturer reported that these machines can be technical malfunctions leading to the risk of a short circuit in lighting panel. In particular, there is a possibility of moisture penetration into the led module. This in turn can lead to a vehicle fire.

The cars will be recalled worldwide.

Previously, BMW recalled more than 300 thousand cars because of a defect module exhaust gas recirculation.

Also earlier it was reported that in Ukraine cancel the registration of a 2800 car Volkswagen Golf.

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