Volunteers: The state is still not consolidated list of those killed in the Donbas

The hardest working volunteers of the Armed Forces, which do not give clear information.
The state is still not a consolidated list of dead soldiers in the East, at best, some departments do their own. This Week says Maxim Popov, curator book memory of the fallen soldiers memorybook.org.ua .

“Actually, the biggest problem with the information in the Armed Forces, which do not provide clear information on the victims. The easiest way to work with the border and Natshvardiyeyu “- he said.

According to him, the worst situation – from volunteer battalions regardless of their affiliation.

However, volunteer says that the death toll memorybook.org.ua little different from the official figures.

“I think that is 100-150 names added after complete processing morgues in Kiev, Dnipropetrovsk and Starobilsk … Actually, the real loss of Ukrainian troops close to the official – that is, in my site has information about 1200 victims, if we add in the body morgues, those are not found, 300-400 missing persons, most of whom were killed, you get about 1700-1800 “, – said Popov.

For further details, see the article “Cargo 200, is identified” in the latest issue of “Ukrainian week» №50.

As you know, as of December 11, according to the SBU in the official lists missing in Donbas 1000 was listed as 667 people.

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