VSP is not brought into the agenda the issue of transfer of judges of the courts of appeal of Kiev and the region in the newly formed Metropolitan courts.

The high Council of justice does not bring into the agenda the issue of transfer of judges of the appeal courts of Kyiv and Kyiv region, who have passed the relevant qualification assessment. Tentatively scheduled for August 23, the hearing was postponed for an indefinite date, write “News”.

According to available information, the specified associated with the approval of candidacies of individual judges in the Administration of the President. After all, some of them have a claim, and the President Poroshenko wants to see them in the newly formed courts.

Such information became known from informed sources in the High Council of justice.

In particular, we are talking about the judges of the Kyiv appellate administrative and economic courts and Appeal court of Kyiv. So, in the President’s Administration is dissatisfied with the head of KAAS Andrew Goryainova who is unable to cope with the tasks and to which a lot of property issues, making it vulnerable to NABOO. Such judges, as Oksana APEL (connection with the ex-Minister of incomes and fees Klymenko), Igor Petrik (criminal proceedings), Yaroslav Boyko (problem with Declaration), Oleg Shura (the question of citizenship), Eugene Chuck and Elena Kuzmishina (loyalty to NABOO) are considered as unreliable.

Similar situation for the individual judges of the court of Appeal of Kyiv, which is chaired by Yaroslav Golovachev. We are talking about Andrew Miller, Victor Clay, Vyacheslav Zubina and Valerie Lachowice, which are also regarded as extremely loyal to NABOO. According to the Kyiv appeal economic court we are talking about the head of Oleg Khripun and judges Iurie Vlasov, Vladislav and the Guest.

We will remind that on August 3, 2018 CCG has considered the recommendation of the judges of the courts of appeal, which confirmed the ability to dispense justice in the appropriate court on the results of qualification evaluation, to transfer judges to another court of the same or lower level without competition. The Commission decided to recommend to 582 transfer of judges of common courts of appeal. 179 judges are advised to transfer from the appellate administrative courts. Also, the Commission recommended transfer 134 judges from economic courts of appeal.

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