War in the Donbas: terrorists fired power ATO 14 times

Militants fired mainly with small arms.
During the last days of the Donbas zafiksuvaly14 position Ukrainian military attacks carried out by terrorists. On December 14, the press center of the ATO.
“For the most part bandits were bothering with small arms fire. However, provocations violation of the ceasefire once used system MLRS BM-21 “Grad”, mortars and PTKR “- said in a statement.
In the zone of destruction enemy fire hit areas of settlements Frunze, Crimea, villages Lugansk, Verhnotoretske, Avdiyivka, Nikishin, Debaltseve. In addition, the Ukrainian military continue to hold positions at the airport “Donetsk”.
“The artillery forces and military units ATO fire in response to the provocative actions of bandits did not open. Departments forces continue ATO tasks to maintain lines and occupied positions: roadblocks, strong points, base camps and restore combat readiness units “- summarized in the press center.

Recall, September 5 in Minsk participants trilateral talks signed a preliminary protocol ceasefire agreement in Donbas. Later it became known that President Poroshenko gave the order to cease fire in the Donbass 18 hours 5 September.

In addition, 19 September in Minsk signed a memorandum of protocol implementation on 5 September. According to the document, expected to cease use of weapons, the withdrawal of foreign forces in Ukraine and so on.

Later in the self-proclaimed “DNR” said they are willing to observe a truce during December 9th equivalent actions of the Ukrainian side.

Subsequently, the militants said they ” do not have time “to 9 December. The meeting moved indefinitely.

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