Warmer than usual, and several days of downpours: Forecasters said the weather for August

Теплее, чем обычно, и несколько дней ливней: Синоптики рассказали о погоде на август

In the last month of summer in Ukraine is expected mostly hot weather and several days of heavy rains. Comments about this “Ukrainian news” said the head of meteorological forecasts Ukrgidromettsentra Vladislav Bilyk.

“A month will be warmer than average. This week will be dominated by Sunny, sometimes cloudy, light rain, weather. The air temperature will be +25…+30 degrees in the South and in Transcarpathia to +33. Change from 11-12 in the Western regions, then on the right Bank. The heat will subside by 3-5 degrees no earlier than 15-16 August,” said Bilyk.

He added that in August in Ukraine are expected to be 2-3 days of heavy rains.

“In some days will be rain in some areas. Rainfall – rainfall close to normal in southern areas, the rest area is a little smaller than normal. 2-3 days will go heavy rains,” concluded Bilik.

Earlier it was reported that in Ukraine the working week, the first rain is expected with thunderstorms, then throughout the expected 30-degree heat.

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