Warner Bros. and DC began work on a documentary about the comic character Supergirl

Warner Bros. и DC начали работу над фильмом о персонаже комиксов Супергерл

Warner Bros and DC Entertainment have begun work on a film about the comic character Supergirl who is a cousin of Superman.

According to Deadline, the picture is on the development phase of a script that will write Oren was Ozil. Since the project still has no producers, no details about the new picture there.

Supergirl (real name of the heroine Kara Zor-El) first appeared in the comic book “Superman” in August 1958. The plot of the comics, Supergirl was born on krypton and with the threat of destruction of the planet was sent to Earth after younger cousin Kal-El. However, during the journey her ship was caught in the phantom zone and came to Earth several years later, when Clark Kent has become known as Superman.

In 1984 came the first film about Supergirl, it was removed Jeannot Schwartz, starring Helen Slater. In 2015 on the CW issued a series of “Supergirl” with Melissa Benoist in the title role. The premiere of the fourth season of the series will be held October 14 – it will be the first superhero is transgender on TV.

As previously reported, Warner Bros. shields DC comics about animals superheroes.

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