Washington imposes a tax on the paper canadian journal

Photo: Catherine Legault Duty
The forest industry Council of Quebec has indicated that seven plants in quebec’s pulp and paper are affected and that they will have to deal with rights from the moment “the next few days”.

After the paper magazine in 2015, and timber last year, the u.s. department of Commerce decided Tuesday night to impose on imports of newsprint in canadian countervailing duties ranging from 0.65% to of 9.93 %.


The government Trump, whose gesture will complicate things among several producers, including Resolute forest Products, thus, gives reason to North Pacific Paper Company (NORPAC), a company of the State of Washington who filed a complaint earlier this year. Resolved has learned that rights from 4.42 % will be applied.


NORPAC, which belongs to a hedge fund in New York and has 260 employees, estimated that canadian companies benefit from unfair advantages, due to, among other things, the forest regime.


“Once again, the U.s. has imposed trade sanctions absolutely unfounded in our businesses. It is not our business practices, but rather the decline in demand and the erosion of the market of newsprint, which are at the origin of the loss of profitability of the factories in the u.s. “, said in the evening the president and ceo of the Conseil de l’industrie forestière du Québec (CIFQ), Denis Lebel.


According to The canadian Press, Kruger taxable rights of 9.93 %, compared to 6.09% for Catalyst and 0.65 % for White Birch. Rights 6.53 % will be imposed on the rest of the industry.


The CIFQ has indicated that seven plants in quebec’s pulp and paper are affected and that they will have to deal with rights from the moment ” the next few days “.


The us government has already calculated that imports of paper from mechanical pulp uncoated “, which comprise the newsprint and paper for books paperback, amounted to 1.27 billion US $in 2016.


Resolved, that account of the mills in Gatineau, Alma and Baie-Comeau, has already said that the complaint of NORPAC does not hold the road. “Nothing, can reasonably say that the investigation on the alleged subsidies in the timber, derived timber standing, is translated into a survey paper, which is produced much further downstream,” wrote the company in December.


Other decision


In addition to the preliminary decision on the countervailing duty, the Commerce department intends to publish the January 16, the preliminary decision on anti-dumping duties. These actions are part of a long battle tariff. In April 2017, a round-table discussion of NAFTA has called on Washington to review its decision on the paper surcalandré, allowing them to produce for magazines and catalogues.


Approximately 1,100 american journals, members of the News Media Alliance have recently said in a letter to secretary Ross that the arguments of NORPAC are without merit. If the demand for newsprint has declined, they argued, it is because of the growing popularity of digital platforms and the shift of advertisers to platforms like Facebook and Google.