Washington withdraws troops from Syria, leave Iran.

Вашингтон не выведет войска из Сирии, пока не уйдет Иран, - СМИ

The US President Donald trump has supported the new US strategy in Syria. Despite his earlier statements of intent to withdraw the American contingent from the country, he agreed with the new plan, which includes the revitalization of military and diplomatic action to resolve the situation, reports the Washington Post, citing high-ranking sources in the state Department.

As reported, the administration of the President of trump have revised their ultimate goal. Now it is not only the destruction of the “Islamic state”, but also the withdrawal from Syria of all Iranian forces and the establishment of a stable government that will suit the entire population and the international community.

It is clarified that the main concern of the American side is the willingness and ability of Russia to squeeze the Iranian forces from the Syrian territories, despite the fact that Iran and Russia together are the main allies of Damascus in the civil war.

“The new policy is that we will not leave at the end of the year. About 2.2 thousand American soldiers are in Syria right now, and almost all of them take part in the destruction of ISIS in the East of the country,” said representative Michael Pompeo, James Jeffrey. He stressed that the US military presence is a condition of victory over the “Islamic state” and the withdrawal of Iran from Syria.

We will remind, earlier the assistant Secretary of state for Near Eastern Affairs David Satterfield said that the US troops will remain in Syria until then, until it is finally defeated terrorist group “Islamic state”. Previously, trump said that the United States will be “very angry” if the Syrian province of Idlib happens violence and use of chemical weapons.

5 September in Russia airstrike on Syria killed 13 civilians.

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