Wave of love for Renée Claude

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You have been very many to write me about my column on Renée Claude, published Monday.

Renée Claude has lost the memory, but you, you have a lot of memories of it. I have been told memories of the show, moments of your lives linked forever to one of its performances.

I was happy… for it. But I wonder : why is it necessary to wait that the artists are suffering from degenerative diseases, or end-of-life, or even six feet beneath the earth, that we remember how much we love them ?


Michel has written to me : “When the first of Nelligan, I would have sold my soul to madame Claude resea at least three times The indifference, because I was crying too at the first hearing. One of the greatest moments in my humble life.”

Daniel remembers that while he was a student in high school at Nicolet, in 1972, he was interviewed in his dressing room after his show for 15 minutes for a student work. He remembers, 47 years later, of the great generosity of the artist.

My colleague, Guy Fournier, wrote me this : “When I wrote Never two without you, I asked him to play the wife of John Besré… but she had told me, be too shy to play it on tv. This is why the role was eventually entrusted to Angèle Coutu “.

And then, you have been quite many (not just men), to write to me at what point Renée Claude was beautiful and sensual, even if it is a word that we do not dare to use in 2019.

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Yet, in the years 60 and 70, in the full sexual liberation, women like Renée Claude claimed high and strong sensuality.

I love to imagine how would be received, in 2019, a song like tonight I’m love with you (words of Luc Plamondon, musique de Michel Robidoux).

Sophie and Richard are not good in the kitchen, but they know how to cook for their guests! Invite you to the table of Guess who’s coming to dinner? a series podcast original.

In this song is fantastic, Renée Claude tells all his preparations to spend an evening of carnal love with his lover. She put the cat in the neighbor, she has put several discs in a row so that her lover does not have to get up (this was well before Spotify), and she concludes by saying : “I put on an old dress, you can come for the tear. This evening I make love with you. I bought steak and wine. I know that after you feel hungry “.

Oh, the lobby of Feminists offended, éduc’alcool and The Association of Véganes rabid don’t let this go today !

The time goes by. The values are changing. One forgets the stars who yesterday were our hearts beat. But the songs remain.


Monday at QUB radio, I interviewed Stéphane Venne, who wrote for Renée Claude , This is the beginning of a new time and You will find peace, among others.

According to him, the transmission of the musical heritage takes place within families, when parents listen to children the songs of their youth. Venne is surely right.

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And if, tonight, you had to listen to more beautiful songs performed by Renée Claude to our children, instead of playing the last young girl’s innocence that sings like a cat’s raspy words inaudible ? He must of it.