“We could do no better” – Lance Stroll

«On ne pouvait faire mieux» – Lance Stroll

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As in Bahrain the previous week, Lance Stroll completed a starting gun at the Chinese Grand Prix, but it was, alas, a single moment of rejoicing.

Qualified 18th in the ranking, the driver from quebec was, in fact, rose to the 12th position after completing his first round.

“It is very rewarding to see on the indicator panel of my team [at the edge of the runway] that you have exceeded six opponents,” he said after having managed to finish a modest 14th place in his Williams.

“Eventually, however, we have been confronted with the limits of our car. I am happy with my result, knowing that we could do no better. “

A single stop

Unlike his team-mate Sergey Sirotkin, ranked immediately behind him, Stroll stopped once during the test. A strategy that did not permit him to compete with the two pilots of the team Force India at the end of course, he argued.

“Honestly, I think that it would have been a fight for may be the pre-empt [Esteban Ake and Sergio Perez], with tires in better condition. All those who have chosen two stops in the pits – the last of which for the intervention of the safety car – had the happy hand “, he stressed.

Stroll has yet complained of the lack of performance of his single seater at the end of the third stage of the season.

“We lose a lot of ground at top speed, he reported.

His first podium

This is not good news for the future, and especially in Baku, in two weeks, where the long straight allows you to exploit the full power of the engine.

The Grand Prix of Azerbaijan, which had been played in June last year, is undoubtedly the most beautiful memory of the driver from montreal 19 years since his accession to F1.

Indeed, it is at this place that it was accessed in 2017 for the first – and only – times on the podium after having finished third overall.

“I’d like to tell you that we will be as competitive in Baku this year, said Stroll, but I do not believe that this will be the case unfortunately. “

“There are so many elements to improve, he continued. We just did not have the car to fight with the other. “

Williams is still the only stable plateau not to have registered more points on the board. Stroll and the rookie Sirotkin are among the six drivers of the plateau have been excluded from the top 10 since the beginning of the season.

For one, Stroll had had to wait at the Canadian Grand Prix, the seventh race in the calendar, to register his first two points for the cumulative ranking over the past year.