“We didn’t put the effort”

« On n’y a pas mis l’effort »

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Even 48 hours after the setbacks of 3 to 1, suffered against the Red Bulls of New York, the disappointment was still palpable in the camp of the Impact.

“We are disappointed in our performance, individually and collectively. We didn’t put in the effort, especially in the second half, and it is this that is disappointing, ” decided Samuel Piette, Monday.

The middle native of Repentigny did not put white gloves, explaining that his teammates and him may be just the opportunity to get a tie at Red Bull Arena after a first half which ended 1 to 1.

“I find that there has been a lot of spectators, especially in the second half, he hammered. To 1 to 1, it is a good result and maybe we said, it is well with the 1 to 1 and you can keep the score like that.

“We have too much left to play, maybe it would have had to go forward a little more and impose our game and not succumb under their attack. “

Lack of energy

Piette has also noted a serious lack of energy in the second half, which he explains by the level of intensity out of the joint deployed by the ” Bulls “.

“They have made a good match and we had not yet faced their style of play. This is a team that press a lot and running a lot.

“This may be the first team that was above us physically and we may have been surprised. “

Rémi Garde has added that, despite a first half quite good, his men are placed in the unfortunate position.

“It has been vulnerable early in the game. We got in trouble by too many errors and waste disposal techniques. When you want to possess the ball as it is our wish, can not get in trouble all alone. “

Not the desired level

Guard has been moderate in its findings, but admitted that the effort was below expectations.

“The Red Bulls have made the match that was expected of them, but it wasn’t the match we hoped to do.

“We have not had the level of game that I want and he wants. I don’t think this is necessarily a problem of trust. “

However, he pointed out that certain circumstances have not militated in favour of his team, which was playing its fifth game in six abroad.

“It must be remembered that it was the first game of Rudy [Camacho] and it was the second to Alejandro [Silva] in addition to the lack of Sapphire [Taïder], which is a very important player. There are explanations, but I don’t want to use that as an excuse.

“We have a lot of events to the contrary at this moment and what I want is that the players benefit and it makes us stronger and not erode our confidence. “

Flood of goals

Still, there’s reason to be concerned because, after having done two white games in a row, the Impact has just granted seven goals in his last two defeats.

“Those granted in New England are in the finding, but in different circumstances, has recalled Guard. But it’s clear that we conceded three against the Red Bulls and we would have been able to take any more because there have been several situations where our defensive line was too fast or difficulty. “

The head coach has once again maintained that his team needs to develop cohesion.

“We’re a team young enough at the level of hours together and it should be in spite of everything to learn fast. “

An essential presence

We suspected when he left the game against New England and we got the confirmation on Saturday against the Red Bulls, Saphir Taïder has become an essential element to the success of the Impact.

The middle runner is the glue of this club and without him, the midfield is out of control.

“It is obvious that he is a technical leader, has agreed to Rémi Garde. It has a large volume of game in the middle of the field and we couldn’t replace it as easily as that.

“Those who have played in his place have tried to fill his absence, but it is true that it has been detrimental. “

Heavy for Piette

Without his faithful sidekick, Samuel Piette has admitted to have experienced a match more difficult because a lot of the pressure has been on his shoulders, which was not a small feat considering that the Red Bulls are champions in the art of squeezing the opponent.

“When you’re the only defensive player in midfield, it is more difficult and you run over to cover more ground. When you get the ball, it is more difficult because you are more breathless, more tired, and you don’t have too clear ideas. “

Piette added that the volume of game Taïder is a great help.

“Sapphire, this is someone who loves being on the ball, but who is also able to perform the physical effort required on the defensive. “

Not obvious

Moreover, Piette was paired with Alejandro Silva, who was in the first game as the mid-axial.

“I don’t think it is his position as favourite and when this is the first time, there is a lack of automation.

“Sapphire is as good offensively as defensively. It works very, very hard while Alejandro, this is a player more offensive, so it didn’t look defensive, which is going to be at work. “

We understand that the presence of Silva in a position more defensive was a necessary evil because the natural is often returned at a gallop for the Uruguayan.

“Alejandro was sometimes higher up the field, then we may have had a presence missing defensive side of the ball,” said Piette.