We touch our smartphones 2.617 times per day

This is a study that shows to what point the smartphone entered our everyday life. It was carried out by the company Dscout, which specialises in the creation of applications. To do this, she simply asked 94 of its users to agree that to be saved all the interactions they have with their smartphone. Dscout has developed a special application, and followed them for 5 days.

When Dscout said all interactions, the company wants to say ” all ” : any click on the screen, if only for the unlock, was recorded and analyzed.

We interact with our smartphone close to a million times per year

Thanks to the data recorded from these 94 users volunteers for 5 days, Dscout was able to extrapolate some interesting data. For example, in 5 days, 94 users have interacted with their smartphone 1,120 million times divided into 33,090 ” sessions “. On average, this represents 2.617 interactions per day.

Users who really can’t go without their smartphone even reached 5.427 interactions in an average day. The big users of smartphones spend 225 minutes divided in 132 sessions per day on average on their phone, is a little less than 4 hours, compared to 145 minutes, divided into 76 sessions for average users.

Facebook : the most used

According to the data retrieved by Dscout, during 52 % of sessions of use of the smartphone, a single application was used. The user is therefore often focused on his task, although, according to the company, there is no real underdog in the more than 700 applications used by the 94 subjects analyzed.

Without surprise, Facebook is the most used because it gets 15 % of the interactions in front of the SMS (11 %) and the home screen of the smartphone (9 %). In general, 26 % of the interactions are related to the sending of messages, and 22 % are in the social networks. In third position come the searches on the Internet (10 % of interactions), which explains that Chromium is found in the 2nd position of the most used applications (5 % of interactions), since we assume that the SMS and the home screen are not apps.

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