Wedding for $46 million held at the king rules

Свадьба за $46 миллионов пройдет по  королевским правилам

Wedding for $46 million held at the “Royal rules”
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Megan is married to Harry and actress became a Princess! Photo: Getty Images

American actress Meghan Markle, who on may 19 will marry Prince Harry, has compiled a list of prohibitions.

Wedding 33-year-old member of the Royal family (Harry the sixth in line to the throne) and actress, who over his 3 years, will be held on 19 may at St George’s chapel at Windsor castle. About this couple and their wedding, we already told a lot, now it’s time to bring the accounting results of the celebration.

Most will be spent on safety and security

British journalists turned to the experts of wedding Agency Bride Book’s, which brought the total balance of costs of the Royal family. Thus, the total amount that will be spent on the celebration (and the majority of the money has gone to destination) – almost $46 million (about 33 million pounds). The lion’s share of these funds will be used for the protection and security of about $43 million the fact that operations will involve intelligence agencies: dozens of snipers (on the roof and on the perimeter) and hundreds of hidden police officers (in the crowd).

At the very same wedding as such will spend about three million dollars. They will go to the following:

  • rent and decoration of Windsor castle – $686 thousand
  • Floristics (will be more colors) – $157 thousand
  • catering (supply of food, maintenance) and drinks – $685 thousand
  • music (promise a few celebrities, but it’s a surprise for the young) – $430 thousand
  • invitations and the wedding favors for guests – $291 thousand
  • wedding cake – $72 thousand
  • bridesmaid dress – $430 thousand
  • hair and makeup bride – $15 thousand
  • outfits for the Royal family – $50 thousand
  • wedding rings – $9 thousand
  • groom suit – $12 thousand
  • the bridesmaids ‘ dresses – $7 million
  • outfits for girls and boys, deteriorating flowers – $2.5 million
  • honeymoon (leaving for the Islands for two weeks) – $175 thousand.
  • photographer/videographer – $25 thousand

Свадьба за $46 миллионов пройдет по  королевским правилам

The wedding will be held in the ancient chapel of St. George. Photo: REUTERS

Bans for bride

Meghan Markle, who suddenly bursts into the Royal family, breaking all its tradition. She’s a divorcee, which means that Prince Harry would not take her to wife. But he apparently was able to persuade his relatives and especially his grandmother Elizabeth, who loves him.

However, Megan will not be easy. The Royal family gave the bride a list of rules that she can’t break, especially at a wedding. The bride has already hinted that some of these “Royal rules” are ridiculous, but nowhere to go – a couple of days will suffer.

Here are some of the limitations:

  • not to talk and always give the Prince to answer first;
  • he should go ahead – nobody likes the Prince whipped;
  • not to use the public phone because it is vulgar;
  • no conversations in public for longer than two minutes;
  • no talking about beauty, diet or fitness;
  • no flashy clothes;
  • no health complaints;
  • you can’t squat;
  • to look at Harry with adoration;
  • not to do a selfie with the subjects, and not to give autographs, and to politely reject such requests.

Who then would believe that the British are not snobs? Well, we don’t believe that the actress-American will follow these rules after the wedding. Though… Wait and see!

Свадьба за $46 миллионов пройдет по  королевским правилам

The British Royal family will soon become even more. Photo: Getty Images

By the way

Megan knows how to dance Striptease and massage

In fact, the future Princess Megan, and Rachel. My middle name Rachel Megan Markle made a stage name, thinking that it is better remembered. But, apparently, soon she will have to return to the first. After the wedding, the Queen gives them to Harry the title of the Dukes of Sussex. And formally appeal to the Duchess need to be, “lady Rachel”. But in the closet, the lady has some juicy “skeletons”.

Not so long ago surfaced old actor summary Megan that she left the Agency during the search operation. The actress has an impressive set of skills necessary to transform into different characters.

Megan is skilled in different sports – riding, snowboarding, baseball, Golf, swimming, javelin, and even juggling. She knows three languages, sings and dances and plays the guitar, drums and tambourines. And yet – knows how to massage and Striptease! All this, as highlighted in the summary, miss Markle will not have to learn for the role – she already owns the above mentioned skills. So with the new role of the wife of Prince too, probably will do brilliantly.